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Lost Records: Selections from the Make-Up 7-inch Archive

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: With Issue 3 completed (and available now) I have some time to upload projects at one time slated for inclusion but ultimately didn’t make the cut.

Originally, when the issue was more text-heavy, I was going to pepper the issue with 7″ vinyl sleeves in some way suited to the fiction, poetry, critical thinking, and interview contributions. That idea fell to the wayside as I discovered some fantastic visual arts that I simply couldn’t not include. Herewith, for my own documentation—and hopefully your enjoyment—are a selection of my favorite 7″ record sleeves (and my favorite LP cover) by Washington D.C.’s wonderful (and newly reformed) Make-Up. —Hamish Robertson

  • Originally published in (2012)
  • Free Arthur Lee (1997, front)
  • Free Arthur Lee (1997, back)
  • Wade in the Water (1998, front)
  • Wade in the Water (1998, back)
  • Untouchable Sound (1997, front)
  • Untouchable Sound (1997, back)
  • U R My Intended (1998, front)
  • U R My Intended (1998, back)
  • Substance Abuse (1996, front)
  • Substance Abuse (1996, back)
  • Destination: Love (Live at Cold Rice)