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Dianna Agron asks, what are you recording?

Text and photographs by Dianna Agron


I find that happiness often relates to feeling child-like. Games, riddles, rhymes, you name it. These are the things that make us feel young again, and jog our creative juices. My bathroom happens to be a room in which my guests can use for an escape. That sounds wrong. Let’s start over.

The walls in my downstairs restroom are covered in ink. It is glorious. I mean, how often are we allowed to draw on the walls? Growing up, I was told to never draw on the wall, which is why my washroom makes me smile every time I enter it. Sweet rebellion, even in its smallest form. The idea came to me because it was stark white when I moved in—I just had to spruce it up a little bit. I bought a ton of markers, put them in a pail, and let the games begin. …

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  • Originally published in (2012)
  • What are you recording? By Dianna Agron