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Zooey Deschanel’s Morning Records for Night Owls and the Faint of Heart

By Zooey Deschanel
Illustrations by Natalia Stuyk


The Beach Boys, Sunflower
This record is like a weird and wonderful dream I never want to wake up from. One of my favorite Beach Boys records, Sunflower is as lush as it is dreamy and occasionally silly.

Aretha Franklin, Aretha Now
I love the production on this record, it’s simply perfect and so easy going, there is nothing forced about it. It’s rare that you hear anything so easy going as this LP.

Bobbie Gentry, Ode to Billie Joe
I love listening to Bobbie Gentry tell her stories in her awesome smoky voice. If this record doesn’t make you want to buy a hammock, nothing will.

View all of Zooey’s selections and captions, and Natalia’s accompanying illustrations in Issue 2 of Afterzine, available here.

Note: Limited edition prints signed by Natalia are available here.

  • Originally published in (2012)
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